How we’re enabling research and accelerating treatment


Pattern Org Logo Full RGB empowers rare cancer patients to donate excess tumor tissue and fluid to enable cancer research.

Understanding the biology of cancer is crucial to identifying the disease’s weaknesses. Before we can get there, patients and researchers need to join forces.

We enable patient donations of excess tissue and fluid by coordinating collection, enhancement, and transfer to world-leading academic institutions like the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. These donations enable critical research such as genome sequencing, animal models, cell lines, and insights based on medical context.

These efforts are accelerating our understanding of rare cancers and reducing the time to new & effective treatments. Any resulting models, as well as any associated de-identified data, is placed in the public domain and will be accessible to researchers worldwide to accelerate their scientific research.

We are pleased to announce that RCRF and are now partnered with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center on an exciting collaboration to enable translational research efforts. This partnership extends our ability to serve patients with all rare cancers, and complements our partnerships with the Broad Institute and the AFLAC Cancer & Blood Disorders Center at Emory University. 

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